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Escape in a visual narrativeset in rural Curaçao

From the dry northern plains to the atmospheric damp caves, Kaminda takes you through the rustic landscapes of Curaçao with stunningly captured scenes.


/kah - meen - dah/

way, path, journey

Kaminda revisits David’s childhood adventures narrated by a young voice in spoken words written by Juan-Carlos Goilo. Hear the primitive sounds of Curaçao's "Muzik di Zumbi" accompanied by scenes shot under water, on land and in the air.

Director's statement
Director's statement

Our early life experiencesshape our lives path

The origins of my identity, language and creativity lie in the southern region of the Caribbean sea. On the island of Curaçao is where I first felt the breeze that echoed the voices of the natives. Here is where mother nature taught me the importance of mindfulness, empathy and healing.

Kaminda to me was as much about telling the story of growing up in Curaçao as it was about rediscovering my own childhood adventures.

– David van Delden, April 2020

A visual narrative in its purest form

The unpredictability of nature and a 3-year-old boy presented some challenges when shooting certain scenes. But there were also these moments where all I had to do was press record and watch something amazing unfold in front of me.

This resulted in a film that resembled the purity of the story.

Shot on

iPhone X / 11 Pro

In 2017 I created my first film on an iPhone 6. Since then I’ve been experimenting with mobile film. When shooting on mobile the rules are completely different. This drives me to think outside the box and think of creative ways to capture that epic scene.

Film details


Director, DOP & Editor

David van Delden


Juan-Carlos Goilo

Sound designer

Neldrick Martis


Sorandy Sint Jacobs
Neldrick Martis


Zane de Wind (Little boy)
Lucca Elisabeth (Young voice)

Film specs

Film type

Short visual narrative


3 minutes

Country of filming


Film language

Papiamentu (English subtitles)


1080p, Filmic Pro, 16:9 / Anamorphic



Iphone X
Iphone 11 Pro

Moment lenses

Anamorphic 1.33x
Tele 58mm


DJI Mavic Air


DJI Osmo Mobile 2

A special thank you to...

Faizah Grootens

Candice van Delden

Mayrond van Lamoen

Naima Grootens

Zyana Louisa

Emma van Delden

Willem van Delden

Adrianna van Delden

Daniëlle van der Schoot